"We have been customers of Underwater Unlimited since the spring of 1985. Owners Dave and Mary Sue Meiser are remarkable people and have given us wonderful service. Each year, they open, maintain and close our pool with efficiency and care. They have been available when we have had problems with our pool, even taking time out on weekends and evenings to fix a problem we may have. Anytime I have called them with a problem they have been prompt in coming over and taking care of whatever needs I have. They have given us good quality service. We never have to worry about maintaining our pool. They take care of our pool as though it was their own. It's a tremendous relief to know that we can depend on Underwater Unlimited to care for our pool. We appreciate the Meisers and all they have done for us and continue to do. It has been a 23-year relationship with Underwater and we look forward to the Meisers caring for our pool as long as we live here."

Barb from Greenwood, IN


"We had an in-ground pool installed when we built our house back in 1999. For several years we used the company who installed the pool for maintenance and chemicals. Almost from the beginning it was a nightmare in terms of cost and frustration with trying to keep the water balanced. It seemed like all they were interested in was selling us more and more chemicals. Fortunately, we were introduced to Underwater Unlimited and we have never looked back. Beyond the quality products and excellent service, you could never find better people to deal with than Mary Sue and Dave. They are trustworthy and truly interested in their clients. They know their customers by name and treat them like family."

"Dave has made recommendations over the past few years that have made pool maintenance much less demanding and time consuming. He and his staff have always been quick to respond when we had an issue that needed attention and they have never tried to sell us something we didn't want or need. Mary Sue is such a joy to work with in the store. She keeps the store well stocked and her staff of technicians up to speed on services that help you maintain your pool. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to visit the store for supplies or water evaluation."

"We wouldn't use any other pool service and without reservation or hesitation recommend Underwater Unlimited to all pool owners."

Bob from Greenwood


"We have been using Underwater Unlimited for over 25 years and Dave and Mary Sue have always treated us like we were family. Their professionalism is tops and we have recommended them to others every chance we get. We have never had an issue or problem they could not resolve and we feel that they try to help us in the most economical way possible."

Jon and Nancy from Greenwood


"I would like to tell you how impressed I am with your company and your employees. Everytime I talk with one of your employees they all say the same thing about how much they love working for you and how dedicated you are to them and how great you are to them. I also want to thank you for your quick response every time I have a problem. I call and you are there immediately."

"Mark is my weekly pool man and I absolutely adore him. He goes out of his way to make certain everything is running perfectly and always has a smile on his face. Also, I can't forget James. He is amazing!"

Sharon from Greenwood